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Chukou1 Fulfillment is your one-stop third party logistics & ecommerce fulfillment solution! Rely on our 3pl warehouse operations and B2C parcel line for making your last miles delivery a success. Partner with us for the most reliable inventory management and WMS.

Global e-Parcel...
Global B2C Parcel


Chukou1 keeps your shipment traveling smoothly from China to worldwide by our popular cross-border B2C parcel services.

  • Ship from China directly to buyers

       5-9 days USA arrival

       4-6 Days EU arrival

  • Global b2c parcel include clearance and tax
  • Shipment monitoring & tracking
Global e-Parcel...
ECommerce Fulfillment


Chukou1 is your dependable e-commerce fulfillment center, offering affordable, reliable, and fast-reacting order shipment solutions.

  • Count on our multi warehousing to store your goods in various warehouse locations
  • Automated order fulfillment system ensures efficiency and accuracy when it comes to picking & packing
  • WMS keeps tabs on and regulates the day-to-day activities of the warehouse
Global e-Parcel...
Solutions for Walmart Sellers


Chukou1 ensures that you get all the logistics and shipping support needed for Walmart eCommerce business. 

  • We run 10+ warehouse operations in Europe, North America, Australia and Mainland China
  • Professional in WFS Prep services including barcode labeling, packaging, we take care of everything
  • Returns management is one of Chukou1 Fulfillment’s fortes

About Us

Chukou1 Fulfillment, founded in 2005, is a leading cross-border logistics solutions provider for e-commerce sellers based in China. It has more than 15 years of experience in global warehousing and has established facilities local fulfillment in Guanngzhou, ShenZhen, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, France,Italy.

Leveraging our robust warehousing network and global resources, Chukou1 offers diverse logistics services ranging from warehousing fulfillment, international air/sea freight, FBA/WFS solutions, global b2c parcel line , international postal and express services.

We cooperate with cross-border e-commerce platforms, overseas sellers, and many e-commerce companies. At present, the overall maximum daily orders of the Chukou1 platform have exceeded 500000 orders, the cumulative number of served customers continues to grow, and channels around the world continue to expand.

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Chukou1 & Walmart

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